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What fresh hell is this?”

Dorothy Parker said that long ago, but it’s a question that so many of us ask every day – especially as we grow older.

Here you are in midlife. Didn’t you assume you would have it all figured out by now? After all, you’ve had plenty of practice at this whole being human thing…

Truth is, things just aren’t quite right. You don’t want to dwell on it, but you’ve been feeling out of place in your own life for some time.

Whether it’s loneliness or stress or some inner pain that never seems to dissolve, you’re faced with feelings and fears that you just don’t know how to manage on your own.

“But everyone is going through something, right?”

When you try to talk about it, to express what you’re going through, it just feels like too much. The people you want to count on just don’t seem to have the time to listen or the ability to understand. Or maybe they are ready and willing to be there for you, but you just don’t want to be a burden…

You feel frustrated and isolated and you’re beginning to worry you can’t keep going like this, but still you try to push through.

You hide your feelings from everyone else  – even from yourself – because everything really “should” be fine. And yet…

You realize, you’ve lost part of yourself.

When you silence yourself and disown your needs and emotions, the voice that whispers “everything is not OK” grows more insistent.  You may find your worry is turning into anxiety, depression, or cycles of addiction to anything from food to alcohol to drugs to technology.

Though you’ve probably been trying to minimize what you’ve been going through, these are very real problems and it’s time look closely at how they are affecting your life.  With help, you can discover the roots of these problems so you can heal and thrive in the long term.

It’s time to find your true self again. It’s time to get help.

The work of “undoing aloneness” reconnects you to who you really are

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There’s that terrible cliche: “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone.” All too often, this proves to be part of the human experience.  You feel like you’re supposed to face the biggest challenges and wade through the toughest feelings all on your own. What if that wasn’t really true?

As a licensed professional counselor, my work is influenced by an approach to therapy that focuses on “undoing aloneness,” and accessing both your strengths and your vulnerabilities. This approach invites you to partner with your therapist so you no longer feel isolated by your emotions. You do not have to be alone in sadness, shame, or hopelessness, or in your joy, optimism, and enthusiasm.

In therapy, we’ll look at your strengths as closely as we look at your wounds. Our goal is to help you understand that you’re inherently built to grow and thrive. You’ll build resilience and discover how to flourish long after therapy is complete.

It really is possible to shift your relationship with your feelings and your experiences so you can carry them in a new way. I’d like to help you do that.

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